On January 30th and 31st presentations were held in Nicosia and Limassol respectively of the monumental anthology published by the Cyprus PEN Centre “Poetry in Poetry.” 

The volume was edited by the poet, prose writer, anthologist, and general secretary of the Cyprus PEN, Mona Savvidou-Theodoulou.

In his address at the event on January 30th in Nicosia, the president of the Cyprus PEN, Mr. Panos Ioannides, said inter alia:

“The anthology, which we are presenting here tonight, is the product of love, knowledge and labour. 

It is the product of the life-long love of literature, and especially of poetry, of the distinguished poet, prose writer, anthologist and educator, Mona Savvidou Theodoulou. 

It is a product of a profound and comprehensive knowledge of Cypriot literature. 

Finally, it is the product of many years of reasearching, locating and gathering the enormous amount of material on the topic of poetry that Cypriot poets have produced.” 


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