EDITORIAL: Upcoming issue of “In Focus”

Dear members of the Cyprus PEN and subscribers of In Focus,

The economic crisis invaded Cyprus in a violent, if not barbarous, way with an internationally unprecedented imposition by the Committee of Finance Ministers of the EU of a high-percentage levy on private deposits at two major banks, intended to internally address budget deficits of the State and the colossal debts of the banks. As expected, this has also led to a dramatic reduction in growth and a subsequent sharp increase in unemployment. It has also led to a shrinking of the activities of all cultural institutions on the island, including the Cyprus PEN Centre, which saw the meager grants that it was receiving until last year from the State cut by more than half or vanish.

Staying true to our commitment to contribute as much as possible, and under any circumstances, to the cultural life of the country, the Board of Directors of the Cyprus PEN and the Editorial Board of In Focus, behaving quixotically, have decided not to throw in the towel and to continue some of our activities – utlilizing remaining funds from previous years – albeit with drastic cuts and parsimony, so as to stay on the respiritator as long as possible.

In this effort, the support of our members and of the subscribers to In Focus will be most valuable.

The payment of the membership fee (EU 20) and of the annual subscription to the magazine (EU 20) is critical to our moral and material support.

Please send, as soon as possible, both subscriptions by mail, to the cashier of our Center, Mr. Costas Hatzigeorgiou at P.O. Box 27717, 2432 Engomi, Nicosia,  Cyprus, indicating the purpose for which it was sent.

With our best wishes for a beautiful and creative summer,

The Board Cyprus PEN and the Editorial Board of In Focus.


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