“Especially rich is the issue at hand, our last for this year. In the following pages we host poetry, prose, essays, painting, extensive studies, and a diachronic presentation of the Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus.

As promised, in this issue we begin to present material from the Symposium  that was organized, to great success, by our Centre in May of this year at the mountain village of Pedhoulas, on the theme Eros in Cypriot Literature and Art.

We present the study by Christodoulos Kallinos Love and Beauty in the Painting of Yiorgos Kotsonis, and dedicate our gallery to the work of the Paphian artist.We also present two extensive studies by Yiorgos Moleskis and Emilios Solomos on the themes Eros in the Dialectal Poetry of Cyprus  and Love as a Theme in Cypriot Proserespectively.

Upcoming issues will feature more contributions on the same topic, as presented at the Pedhoulas Symposium.

The poetry section features an anthology of works by Nasa Patapiou along with some of her thoughts on writing poetry in a short text entitled Only By Way of Sorrow.

The prose section features a short story by Eleni Artemiou-Photiadou, and three vignettes by Agis Paikos, who is contributing to In Focus for the first time.

Important and key to this issue is the interview with Professor Michalis Pieris, who, for fifteen years, has been the heart, soul, and tireless organizer of the Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus, which is held at an old mansion on Axiothea Street in Nicosia, and of THEPAK, the University’s Theatre Workshop.”

– Panos Ioannides, Editor In Chief

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