Interview with novelist Julia Franck

Check out an interview with award-winning German novelist Julia Franck


Check out the poetry of Lily Michaelides on In Focus

Check out the poetry of Lily Michaelides on In Focus

Lily Michaelidou

Read an interview with Nissim Calderon

Read an interview with Nissim Calderon

Nissim Calderon was born in 1947 in Tel Aviv to a Jewish family of Greek-Bulgarian origin. He served in the army from 1965 to 1968. He studied Hebrew Literature and Theatre at Tel Aviv University. From the same University he received a PhD in 1980. He has been teaching Hebrew Literature since 1970 at Tel Aviv University and the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He has published three books about Israeli Literature, a book about Multiculturalism in Israeli Culture, and another book (2009) on Poetry and Rock-and Roll in Israel. He is an active participant in many cultural activities, and regularly publishes essays and book reviews.

September issue of “In Focus” on stands soon!

The September issue of In Focus will be available soon. It features in the gallery and the cover the work of Andreas Tomblin.
POETRY • Yiorgos Moleskis Marios Stilianakis
GALLERY Showcase of the art of Andreas Tomblin
Biograhical note • “What it Wasn’t and What is. Painting is to the Eye What Music is to the Ear” by Thereza Lanitis Spanos
ESSAY  “Poetry In Poetry: Introduction to the Anthology” by Mona Savvidou Theodoulou
TRAVELOGUE • “In the Palms of Barcelona” by Lily Michaelides
PROSE “Koombacha” by George Solomou “The Therabeftis (The Healer”) by Collette Ioannidou “I Want You to Take Me There Where Everything Is Nice” by Maria Olymbiou
INTERVIEW Nissim Calderon speaks to Lily Michaelides


geghard[1]“It is not easy to describe Yerevan in just a few words. Any attempt to describe it, leads to sacrilege. I must be careful. This place, inhabited since ancient times, is sacred.” Lily Michaelides gives us a travelogue and some photos from Armenia. Read it now in In Focus