The poetry of Seth-Adrian Harris featured in In Focus Magazine with an introduction by Irena Joannides.


Seth-Adrian Harris


Bob rastafari

teach St. Peter how to roll

a spliff at the gates

police come trouble

reggae band play de bubble

loud bass. gun shot. run!




ackee and salt fish

rice and peas with curried goat

jamaican cuisine

her hot mouth, juicy

in sync with cosmic orbit

her hips swing loosely

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POETRY: • Elena Toumazi-Rembelina • Andreana Ierodiakonou • Avgi Lilli  • Heinz-Uwe Haus
GALLERY: Showcase of the work of George Constantinou • “George Constantinou: Of Unknown Time, Art Exhibition and Book Presentation” by Hambis 
ESSAYS: • “Conquests of Cypriot Literature During the Period of the Independence” by Lefteris Papaleontiou
PROSE: • “Mice” by Despina Pirketti  • “A Chance Encounter” by Roula Ioannidou-Stavrou • “Queensboro Bridge” by Evridiki Pericleous Papadopoulou
TRAVELOGUE: • “Journey to the Sacred: Encounter with John of God, The Miracle Man of Brazil” by Irena Joannides
CHILDREN’S LITERATURE:  • “Monica” by Kika Pulcheriou 


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In Focus cover features the work "Anastasis II" by George Constantinou

In Focus cover features the work “Anastasis II” by George Constantinou


On September 29th 2012, the Cyprus PEN Centre organised a meeting, at the premises of the Society of Cypriot Studies in Nicosia, on the subject “Literary Translation”. The meeting, which was sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, was attended by a large number of members of PEN, many lovers of literature and also writers who translate. Among those invited was the distinguished Greek poet Titos Patrikios, a loyal friend of our Centre and of Cyprus, who took an active part in the discussion which followed the speakers’ papers.

The speakers at the meeting were Frangiski Ambatzopoulou, Emeritus Professor of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, the academics Stefanos Stefanou, Andis Panayiotou Hadjiodysseos and Klitos Ioannides, the Spanish translator Selma Ancira, and two regular translators for the Centre, Christine Georghiades and Irena Joannides.

In her talk, Frangiski Ambatzopoulou examined the difficulties which arise in every demanding literary translation. She took as an example a poem by T.S.Eliot which George Seferis translated into Greek. The distinguished and award-winning Spanish translator Selma Ancira, who came from Barcelona especially for this meeting, talked about her experiences and the problems she encountered when translating the Russian poetess Tsvetaeva from Russian and George Seferis from Greek.

Andis Panayiotou Hadjiodysseos talked about the English translations of Cypriot poetry. Despina Pirketti, author, translator and collaborator of Cyprus PEN, also contributed comments on this subject.

Stefanos Stefanou, also an academic, spoke more generally about the philosophy of translation. Dr Klitos Ioannides’ comments came within the same framework. Two translators who have been collaborating with Cyprus PEN for a long time, Christine Georghiades and Irena Joannides, talked about the experiences gleaned from translating Cypriot literature into English.

In this issue we are publishing the talks by Selma Ancira, Christine Georghiades and Irena Joannides. We plan to include the other papers in future issues.


Image The poetry section of the March 2013 issue of In Focus is dedicated to the work of Phoivos Stavrides.