In Focus March 2016

The March 2016 issue of In Focus magazine features the work of Elina Ioannou. Check it out at focus 49 cover

Poetry and art inspired by running

Check it out at

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In Focus cover issue No 44 featuring the art of Pola Hadjipapa

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Check out this collaboration between two avid runners, a poet and a visual artist, about their experiences, contemplations and perceptions while running. Truly fascinating!



Check out the caricatures of Giorgos Mavrogenis in the Gallery

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Check out the work of artist Electra Varnava

Check out the work of artist Electra Varnava in our gallery

Check out the work of Andreas Tomblin in “In Focus” magazine

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Cyprus Pen’s “Literary Profiles” travel…

anthias copyWe are pleased to announce to our readers and to the members of the Cyprus PEN Centre that the Library of the University of Vienna has decided to purchase and to make available to academic staff and students, as well as to any interested party, the series “Literary Profiles” that the Cyprus PEN Centre has been publishing over the last years. To date, the series has featured 39 profiles of Cypriot writers.

We have also been asked to provide the library with the new titles, which will be added to the series over time.

Presented in alphabetical order, the “Literary Portraits” which have been purchased are as follows:

• Angelidou Clairi
• Anthias Tefkros
• Avraamidou Maria
• Charalambides Kyriakos
• Chourmouzios Emilios
• Galazi Pitsa
• Georgiou Christakis
• Gotsis Demetris
• Hadjipapas Christos
• Ioannides Klitos
• Ioannides Panos
• Katsouri Dina Payiasi
• Katsouris Yiannis
• Kouyialis Theoklis
• Kyproleon Andreas Georgiades
• Kralis Manis
• Marangou Niki
• Mechanikos Pantelis
• Moleskis Yiorgos
• Nicolaides Nicos
• Orphanides Nicos
• Papadopoulos Yiannis
• Papaonisiphorou Myrianthi Panayiotou
• Pashiardis Michalis
• Pastellas Andreas
• Peonides Panikos
• Peonidou Elli
• Petrides Andreas
• Petronda Evgenia Paleologou
• Pierides Theodosis
• Pyliotou Maria
• Proussis Costas
• Rodinis Anthos
• Solomonidou Lina
• Sophocleous Andreas
• Stavrou Roula Ioannidou
• Stylianou Petros
• Theodoulou Mona Savvidou
• Vasiliou Costas

See the work of Cypriot artist George Constantinou

Six poems inspired by Garcia Lorca’s play YERMA in “In Focus”

My son
I guess
I don't have
a mother's hands

many nights
I go down to feed
the oxen
which I never
did before because
no woman does it
I have

When I pass 
through the darkness
of the shed
my footsteps
sound to me
like the footsteps
of a man

I myself
have killed
my son 
lick them, don't they?