As published in Volume 8, N0 2, May 2011

Earth divided into two parts,
North and South.
Water flowed between, became the Mediterranean,
then, now and always.
Offspring of Mesopotamia. Egypt and the Aegean.
Cradle of civilisations, ethics and religions.
Passage for the barbarians.
Twelve gods reigned.
Cypriot-born Aphrodite emerged on the island.
Classical civilisation and a Golden Age.
How can one not refer to Athens – Rome, Alexandria – Jerusalem,
Antioch and Constantinople,
to define the Europe of the Old Continent
Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour,
message of a new world.
Then Islam, Mohammed of the Arabs.
Dazzling light shining on blue and white.
Mother Mediterranean, laden with civilisation, glory to you.
Nicosia, August 14 and 28,  2008
Justinian inspired,
Anthimos and Isidoros built.
A church to the glory of wisdom.
The wisdom emanating from God.
Huge and full of light, raised to eternity.
Dignified basilica with dome.
Built of fine marble, adorned with mosaics.
Imperial throne and altar fragrant with incense.
Pulpit for preaching.
Memories redolent of two millennia of Emperors and Patriarchs.
Reverent, unassuming hands caressed the marble.
Monument of magnificence,
aptly your builder exclaimed “I have surpassed you Solomon.”
Nicosia, 9th July 2008
Syllabaries of Mycenaeans, Cretans and Cypriots,
bear witness to the same sounds and words of the Greek.
In the Bronze Age, undoubtedly and earlier.
Homer in his epics recalled to mind.
The syllabary in Aphrodite’s Cyprus wrote down Greek.
In Athens an alphabet of Phoenician inspiration.
Superb language, dwelling in arts and sciences,
philosophy and music.
Language of primordial notions.
Language of the Golden Age and classical civilisation,
spread the word of Christ.
Now the vehicle of three thousand years of classical tradition.
How can one not refer to Greek for neologisms in European languages.
Language of self-sufficiency, harmony, measure and rhythm.
Nicosia, October 1, 2008

Daughter of Agenor and Telephassa.
Princess of Phoenicia.
Legacy of the East.
Beautiful maiden, happy in flower gardens.
A white bull snatched you away from Tyre.
Westwards, thanks to Zeus, hint of myth:
of Greeks sailing to Cyprus and the East,
the ageless wisdom of Mesopotamia they carried to the West.
First destination Crete.
Initial European civilisation,
enhanced by Minos in the Labyrinth,
then further West.
Now an established tradition of millennia.
Cradle of ecumenical civilisation.
Nicosia, October 18,  2008

Called Cytherean, rising from the sea.
Cyprian you appeared in Paphos.
The Hours were waiting, a girl adorned.
Mother of the Cypriots, august tamer.
Queen and Paphian, Golgian and Amathusian,
of whom Kinyras was high-priest and king,
father of Myrrha, by whom Adonis, the most handsome of mortals.
Happy with Adonis in Akamas.
Coupling and symmetry of opposites in the balance.
Ray of harmony and beauty.
Parameter of Greek aesthetics.
In your person still today in Europe.
Nicosia, July 4, 2009

To King Saul successor.
You became a hero, defeating Goliath.
A boy dancing before the Ark.
A thousand years before Christ’s advent.
You brought victory over the Philistines.
You are praised for founding Jerusalem,
building the magnificent walls.
Harp in hand and in the midst of prophecy,
you dedicated psalms to the inspiration of God.
Father of Solomon, glorious prophet and king.
Nicosia, June and October 11, 2008
Translation: Christine Georghiades

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