As published in Volume 8, NO 4, Dec. 2011
In the foliage the last notes
Still keep the chorus
From the song of our green breath
But the mountain dead at its most parts
Witnesses a Human Leva, an incandescent Mars

The wounded clouds tell me that the birds
 Are learning new melodies
New vocal sounds to caress a sadness
That came and snuggled on the ash of insanity
And a wondering air
Flows at the break of guilts
Since on his love
Flames of an alien love flared up
Nymphs passed away in his bitter tear
Children walked without the sounds
Of a cleansed symphony for the continuation of the world

And then, listen!
Concern wakes up from its lethargy
And watch!
Scarce life rises through the leaves
And calls for her shields
In a smile of the Sun
In a performance of love
Of talented gifts of humanity
Under heavy columns resistance is organized
And music echoes again
Of an immortal need for paradises on earth
Holds tight the river to its gurgle
From this kiss of life the new sound
To take him to open seas and seas of the mind 
In hearts that in their new palpitation
The renewed blood, the beat of love
They will give at the last breaths of the world

Now that the little swallow
Kisses again the holy oils of Easter
Now that red is no longer just blood
But also love of light and excess
I can now confess the new sounds
Of a resurrection of confined hopes

With my candle I kept alive
My agony for the good and beautiful
With my psalms I kept humble
The streets that my soul chased
And in the kisses I gave and received
I ostracized a Judas
I unnail a Judas
From the tree of suicide foliage

Translated Maria Charilaou
* Award at the International Diaspora Competition 
with the support of the United Nations, 
May 2011. Competition Topic: Our Forests, Our Lives. 

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