As published in Volume 10, NO 2, June 2013
Key moment
When beauty chooses
To align its riddle
With two naked glances
Then the blue is born
And the wind

A hint of a child
a fractured metope an antefix
-if only I were a bird to fly-
the gaze of a man on the street
- do I still exist?
Dolphins lightly touching
under the surface of the Aegean
endless silver
the sedated memory
The golden gates open wide
while you look at the palm trees,
the doves
falling in love in the wind.
The sea
is and was and will be.
* * * *

I too have loved
I too have felt the beauty of the world
align itself with my body
Your skin looking at me in the eyes in August
White dove of the islands
black dove
Breath inclined
on the hard
worn stones of the small well
next to the sea
the waves
the waves shining like a soul
which rises to the sense
the small squash broken in two and your two palms
washing me of salt
All is naked
All is whole
in the mystery
* * * *

I often wake up
In the night
With a deep blue gaze
In the belly
The dream raw
In idle limbs
The womb trembling
To the recollection of your outline
* * * *

Your name
your name
Who has heard your name?
A dolphin perhaps
or that girl
who came one morning at dawn
from the heart of the northern forest (or perhaps
from the epsilon of Sagittarius where beauty
still reigns?)
Your name
which is no longer a name but
tremor and touch
rhythm and breath
remains a closed mystery to all who have touched you
like one touches a mirror
To all who have shared a bed
but not themselves with you
(August 2001)
* * * *

you are my only homeland
As you burrow invisible
and perilous
with the uniform of the guerrilla
into the schizoid crack of the world
You open
a white sea
for me to cross
* * * *

In the deep
Of a pale blue ether
Slender spark
Of a primeval joy
* * * *

When you arrive
You satiate me
With the water of Silence
* * * *

Flower of voice
Trembling opening
Fragrant skin
* * * *

Undefended dew
Tiny crack
* * * *

Her body
Keeps warm
The primeval cord
Of the dream
The language that emerged
In her glow
* * * *

Mother of Silence

Translated by Irena Joannides

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