As published in Volume 10, NO 4, December 2013
Because I love you,
your drizzly eyes take me
to the castles of the Unformed
and the depths of the ocean
Because I love you
with your respiration I am revived.

Do not talk to me
of the lost avenue of the light
the mangled earth
the perennial muddy river…

Embrace me deeply my love
and take me serene
to a virgin heaven… 

Only you
emit the scent of a human
across the mystic stoas of the world.

Only you
sing the truthful truths
at the hours of the sacred apologia. 

Only you
clothe in white tears
the swan song of the sun. 

Only you
build our tower of vigilance
with virgin-born pebbles
and mud unsoiled.  

In the soul of my soul
amid flames of resurrection
I hung your icon,
a consecrated talisman
my tolerance of copper.


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