As published in Volume 9, No 1, March. 2012

I believe in the art 
that elevates and heals 
that loves and harmonizes 
and makes us feel 
worthy of Being.
My art is a connection
with those ultimately 
kind presences
in the silence 
comforting wing flappings 
weightless night flights 
where words disappear 
and one can only BE and DO
where sunlight plays
games in infinite expressions 
and makes being alive
an incredible experience 
for the spirit; 
all being one and individual 
at the same time. 


By my art I transfer
visual bliss to the
spiritual plane
recreating reality. 


From the highest 
I would like to fly
to extend the power
of Being 
out of the body
that falls; 
earth to earth
spirit to spirit
take the lighter body
home to where 
I came from 
where I belong 
and resonate,
the mission 
I came among humans for 
to end in silence and PEACE
a light flight in light!


Come smells of the forest 
remind me of who I am
come tree – tops
show me the energy
that springs from 
my head-top
to the skies where 
my real home is. 


On Olympus 
with the Gods 
the infinite possibilities 
the infinite dimensions 
endless journeys 
in light 
weightless flight
of spirit
in celestial calm.

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