As published in Volume 8, NO 4, Dec. 2011

Weather forecast
Weather forecast
from long ago
An endless rain
with heavy drops.
How many can nestle into a child’s palm?
How can a future thirst be quenched
in reverse?
I saw the first lightning
with eyes firmly closed.
I started counting
the steps of time 
five ten-fifteen
“I’m about to burst”
 whispers thunder
the inevitable, 
every evening.
No roaring as yet.

there is a strong possibility of
five, ten-fifteen 
forgotten voices 
on all windward capes
into bodies of water.

Growing up
To grow up:
Intransitive verb
An inescapable thing
I grow up but have nowhere to go
I tread tracks of time
with no traffic warden in sight 
to take responsibility
of my direction.
To lengthen: 
Transitive verb
I lengthen my days 
so that my body’s intransitive touches 
of time long past
can fit in.
I lengthen the verbs
to cover the gaps 
left behind
by those fugitives,
the substantial glances.

Tight body
This body is too tight for me.
I know,
no changes allowed
after seven days have elapsed.
And I 
keep rushing away 
from the cash register
for almost forty years now.

I have misplaced the receipt.
How can I perceive 
the newborn cry
by so many screams?

This body is too tight for me.
The longer the road
the bigger the chain 
of the white pebbles of return 
and all the while my pockets
are getting smaller by the minute

Words of so many days,
how could you abandon them?
letting slender pencil lines
lift them 
by themselves
Bounced revelations,
what unknown glances
could they cash in?
Unblemished snow!
Nothing but this
can withstand 
the depth of dents
on the surface of your nights and days. 

I appreciated 
your last letter very much.
The full-page blank on the paper
breathlessly relayed to me 
your sighs
and the unsaid looks
you had… hmm… confided in it.
I appreciated your postscript silence 
very much.

will I respond
I will fast your name
once and for all.
Rain street

Rain Street
Even drops on one side 
flashes of lightning alone on the other
No sooner do they detect loneliness
without fear in the eyes
than they instantly strike it.

Solitary Rain Street
Today I am not wearing my eyes
but I can easily find my way.
I know
on my right it’s you
on my left it’s you
how can I not miss you?

Translated by Andis Panayiotou (Hadjiodysseos)

She’s getting smaller
By the day.
This year she’s turning eighty.

No lullabies - 
She might sleep on you.
Sweet-talking twice a day;
And make her put on warm smiles.

She’s getting smaller by the day.
By the time you count ninety
She’ll fit in your palm.
A full length
En face 
You’ll have a hard time finding a frame
To contain a sea of memories.

Translated by Despina Pirketti

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