As published in Volume 10, NO 4, December 2013


To Federico Garcia Lorca
"¿De que me sirve, pregunto, la tinta, el papel y el verso?"
- F.G. Lorca, Canciones: Primer Aniversario

Don't be sad Federico
for not being of this world any more.
You '11 never be forgotten.
Even if some weaklings
thought they would destroy you
by riddling your body with bullets,
they simply made a mistake.
Mind and brilliance
cannot be pierced by bullets,
They cannot perish by kill
A hundred years on from the day you were born.
In your Granada of colours and scents,
a hundred thousand leaves fly in the wind
with your poems.
People bend to hold them in their hands
they feel them through their fingers,
sing them,
dance with them,
you are alive
or simply
you have never died.
Your voice
is heard on stage
in languages you never knew,
your sensitiveness touched
the seas and the oceans,
your paintings
outreached small fatherlands
like mine.
Truly I tell you, Federico.
You know that the two of us
have been mates for years.
We chat together.
You have reached Cyprus, Federico.

Don't be confused.
You 'II feel like home in Granada,
scent of lemons and oranges,
heat that dries your mouth,
little stuffy alleys,
a yellow sun melting the tarmac,
love and romance in the touch of the air,
some weaklings with bloodstained hands,
holed souls.
Oh yes, Federico,
here too is the Mediterranean,
you are not wrong.
We are going to have a good time the two of us.
You have reached Cyprus, Federico.
After twenty-six years.
About time, Federico.
At last.
Sunday 6 February 2000 Limassol
And I am lost
in the tentacles
of sweet dreams
that get strangled
by bitter machinations.
And I am drowned
in the wings
of black butterflies
that offered me silver silk.
And I hide
in the cavities
of the trees in love
on the beach
that offered me
a sadness full of sand.
And I am startled
by the brilliance of the sea,
by the sweltering heat of winter,
by the images I see
emerging from the water,
by all these ancient gods
dancing around me
to cast away my depression.

And I am overwhelmed
by their joy
and I am unexpectedly conquered
by Apollo
with his godly serenity,
with his sweet sensibility.
And I vow
to be a dedicated priestess
in the altar of love
in the temple of Apollo Hylates.

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