As published in In Focus Vol.9, No. 1, March 2012

On Wednesday 8th of February, eight years since the death of Theodosis Nicolaou, the Cyprus PEN Centre, the Society of Cypriot Studies, the Cyprus Writers Union, and the National Society of Greek Cypriot Authors organised a ‘wake’ in the memory of the author, at the building of the Society of Cypriot Studies at the Old Archbishopric Palace.

Theodosis Nikolaou

Theodosis Nikolaou

At the event, Kyriakos Charalambidis and Klitos Ioannides gave speeches and recordings of the voice of the poet were played back. Afterwards, writers read his poems.

Theodosis Nicolaou was born in Pafos in 1930 and grew up in Famagusta. He studied philology at the University of Athens and Education in London. He served as an educator in Secondary Schools of Famagusta and Larnaca. He became very good friends with Fotis Kontoglou during his studies. He wrote the books “Roots in soil” short stories 1958, “Papadiamantris. Brief Sketch of his life and the theory of his work”, 1961, “How to aesthetically analyse a poem”, 1966. “The poet T.S Eliot”, 1969, “Transactions” poems, 1980, “The spiritual character of Famagusta”, 1983, “Pictures”, poems, 1988, “The house, in the Shadows on the wall edition with works of John Corbidge”, 1993, “The House”, poetry, 2002.


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