As published in In Focus Vol.9, No. 1, March 2012


Thodoros Angelopoulos, the film director and script-writer, died in a road accident while he was filming. His unexpected death has caused the deepest sorrow and pain to the intellectual and artistic world of Greece and Cyprus and to the friends of high-quality cinema all over the world.

The Greek Association of Writers noted the following in its announcement:

“With his work, Angelopoulos was at critical moments of modern Greek history, such as the period of the dictatorship and in the years of political changeover, a presence internationally recognised and repeatedly honoured. And in this sense he was for a long period of time a good ambassador of Greece, participating worthily in the worldwide artistic scene.

His films, each one of which was an event in cultural life, were and always will be models of teaching and objects of study in international film education. From the aspect of their preparation, they constitute complete aesthetic events, original ways of applying a dialectic writing for film for which a systematic and strict preparation of the scenario already existed. In this, Thodoros Angelopoulos’ term as film critic, especially for the newspaper “Demokratiki Allagi” (1964-67) and also his joint publication with Vassilis Rafaelides of the very important magazine for the period “Synchronos Kinematographos” during the time of the Junta, played a role.

It is also worthy of note that the element of the essay, of the systematic study and critique not only of social morals but also of the important historical phenomena of the Greek 20th century, was never missing from any of his films.”


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