The Rona Mathlener Projects Foundation (RMP) has been granted a subsidy by the City Council of Amsterdam in relation to the Dutch Chairmanship of the European Union in the first half of 2016. Under the header ‘In European Poetry I want to live’ Rona Mathlener Projects will invite two poets from the 28 member states of the EU and ask them to write a poem on the subject matters ‘Europe and the Refugee’, ‘Europe and Democracy’ and ‘Europe and The Peace’. Subject matters which deeply move the citizens of Amsterdam as well as all Europeans.

As a national literary organization you have both the expertise and knowledge of the national literary landscape. RMP kindly requests you to select two poets – a younger and older poet – to contribute to the project ‘In European Poetry I want to live’. We work in close collaboration with Thomas Möhlmann from the Letterenfonds The Netherlands.

Due to budget constraints in the cultural sector and cutbacks our budget is rather limited. As a fee for writing a new or using an existing poem we can offer the poets no more than a symbolic fee. We sincerely hope that they will nevertheless participate in this extraordinary poetry event. Since we would like to reach a large and diverse audience of people from all walks of life we would like the poets to write a poem with a maximum length of 12 to 16 lines. The final deadline for the finished poem is January 31, 2016.

RMP shall translate in both English and Dutch and digitize the poems (both a spoken and a version to read) and stream and/or show the poem during the week of May 4 and 5, 2016. This is the week in which The Netherlands celebrates its liberation and independence and mourns the fallen of WWII and ever since.

The poems will be streamed, spoken and/or shown in the following venues:

– Spoken at the beginning of the liberty meals throughout the city on May 5, 2016
– Shown and/or spoken at the beginning of every movie during the entire week of May 2 until May 8, 2016, in the Amsterdam Film Theaters.
– Spoken or shown at the beginning of every cultural event in the arts and cultural centers during the entire week of May 2 until May 8, 2016.
– Shown on electronic billboards at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Central Station and large subway stations during the entire week of May 2 until May 8, 2016.
– Shown on screens in the waiting rooms of the Amsterdam City Council throughout the city during the entire week of May 2 until May 8, 2016.

All in all the poems will reach an audience of one million people.

For more information you can contact either Mark de Koning at m.koning7@upcmail.nl or (+31) (0)6 5346 6963 or Rona Mathlener at ronamathlener@gmail.com or (+31) (0)6 5327 4442.

Sincerely yours,

Mark de Koning and Rona Mathlener

Rona Mathlener Projects

Postal address
KNSM-laan 536
1019 LP  Amsterdam

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