The award ceremony of the State Prizes of Literature for 2013 was held on January 10, 2014, at Casteliotissa Hall. 

The prizes were awarded as follows:

Poetry: Efrosyne Manda-Lazarou for Noah in the City, (Planodion Publications)

Novel: Panos Ioannides for his book Koazinos (Armida Publications)

Short story/novella: Marios Michaelides for The Interrogator (Gavrielides Publications)

Essay/study: Savvas Pavlou for There at the umbrellas… Rainproof kai evilproof texts about Cyprus.

Literature for young children: Marina Michaelidou-Kadi for Nicholas and Elli (Parga Publications)

Literature for older children and adolescents: Andri Antoniou for the work Peladomagnitis (Psychoyios Publications)

Illustration of a book for children/youTH: Sandra Eleftheriou for the illustration of the book Wheat (Livanis Publications)


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