With the issue at hand, In Focus commences its eleventh year in print and celebrates this milestone with a rebirth…

Despite the difficult economic conditions which the country is facing and which unavoidably affect to a great extent all state-funded, non-profit, cultural bodies, including the Cyprus PEN Centre, the editorial team of In Focus is determined to keep the magazine alive against all odds.

In this first issue of 2014, we embark upon a number of changes which aspire to refresh the magazine both in terms of content and appearance.

The changes and additions we are inaugurating here are the following:

We are introducing an entirely new section entitled HUMOUR, dedicated to humour, satire and the cartoon. Our literature, poetry, playwriting and prose, as well as our daily and periodical press, regularly feature the work of Cypriots in these important genres. In each issue we will present samples of this rich harvest of humor andsatire created by our fellow countrymen.

We inaugurate this section with the satirical poetry of the leading Cypriot exponent of the genre, Anthos Rodinis, who is best known as “Diogenis,” the pen name he had adopted for his daily column in the newspaper O Phileleftheros.

The second addition bears the title WORLDVIEW. This renews the existing section LETTERS FROM ABROAD, aiming to enrich our pages with texts, visual art or letters from foreign readers, thereby encouraging a fertile dialogue and acquaintance between Cypriot and foreign creators. It will also feature topics from world literature and art. We commence with a contribution that has come to us from Romania, specifically from the Romanian poet and publisher of the cultural magazine Contrapunct, Ioan Vieru.

The third change we are making is to our existing column CULTURAL LIFE AND ACTIVITIES,  which will feature henceforth – in addition to its regular features – cultural news and topics from the activities of Cypriots, here or abroad.

Finally, we are also venturing on a bold freshening-up of the appearance of the magazine. While retaining the same format and size, we are changing the graphics and enriching the illustrations.

We hope, dear readers, that you will find the additions and changes interesting and that you will give your practical support to our efforts by renewing your annual subscription and encouraging your friends and acquaintances to become subscribers to our magazine.

Happy reading!

Panos Ioannides
Editor in Chief, In Focus
& President of the Cyprus PEN Centre

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