November 1, 2 & 3, 2013,  in Nicosia and in Platres

ImageAn international literary festival not only defines the place and the people, its culture and creativity, but also highlights the cultural trend of the times, connecting the creative memory of yesterday to today’s reality, extending it into tomorrow.

This LOGOS International Literary Festival – inaugurated this year and hosting an important number of writers from Cyprus and abroad – set the foundations for the edition to be established  biannually, become bigger, take place in more venues, and host other art disciplines (such as dance, theatre, etc.).

Twenty three writers from thirteen countries met in Cyprus for three days, from 1 to 3 November 2013. The festival also hosted visual artists and musicians. The events in Nicosia took place at the Faneromeni Gymnasium and Square, while the ones in Platres were hosted at the Giorgos Seferis Culture Centre.

During the Festival, the invited writers promoted the importance of language through translations, the respect for one’s literary and personal identity and harmonious creative coexistence.

Festival Timetable

Friday, November 1:

Arrival of participants from abroad

Welcoming reception (evening)

Saturday, November 2:

Visits of the Byzantine churches of Troodos (morning)

Lunch at Platres

Literary events in Platres (afternoon and evening)

Sunday, November 3:

Literary events in Nicosia (all day)

The participating writers were:

AUSTRIA – Herbert Maurer

FINLAND – Jarkko Tontti

GREECE – Chrysa Spyropoulou

ISRAEL – Nissim Calderon

ITALY – Massimo Carnelos

NORWAY – Arne Østring

RUMANIA – Ruxandra Cesereanu

RUSSIA – Olga Belzer

SPAIN, Catalunya  – Manuel Forcano

SWEDEN – Cecilia Davidsson

CYPRUS – Eleni Xenou, Emilios Solomou, Giorgos Christodoulides, John Michael Mouskos, Maria Ioannou, Mona Savvidou-Theodoulou, Neshe Yashin, Nora Nadjiarian, Pambos Kouzalis

Additionally, Stephanos Stephanides (Cyprus/UK) chaired the Round Table Discussion titled “The Government of the Tongue,” while Lisa Suhair Majaj (USA/Palestine) and Gur Genç (Cyprus) coordinated the “Meet the Writers” sessions, while actress Nefeli Christodoulou read to young children from Ellie Peonidou’s books for children.

Olivios Karaolides composed music for the concert at Platres played by Annine Tsiouti (piano), Tefkros Xydas (viola) and George Georgiou (clarinet). Marios Nicolaou and Angelos Michaeloudhes (percussion) provided the musical interludes in Nicosia.

There were additionally a number of satellite events:

• A Book Fair Exhibition with the participation of Entipis Publications, Armida Publications, Moufflon Publishing and Bookshop, Parga Publications, Hellas Bookshop

•An Artists’ Books Exhibition curated by Ms Ruth Kesheshian, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Kavafis

• Screenings from the 2013 International Motion Festival, organized by the European University of Cyprus

All events were open to the public, without entrance or participation fee.

The LOGOS International Literary Festival was organized by Ideogramma (a non-profit cultural organization) that has been organizing literary events since 2006.

The Cyprus PEN Centre was instrumental in securing the participation of the Finnish writer (President of Finnish PEN). The Festival was sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the cultural Organizations NORLA (Norway) and Ramon Lull (Cataluña, Spain), and the embassies of Austria, Finland, Norway, Spain and Sweden in Cyprus. It was supported by the Nicosia Municipality, the Platres Local Authority and the Nicosia School Board together with the Faneromeni Gymnasium, Medochemie, Matrix Media and Vasilikon Winery.

Nora Hadjisotiriou & Lily Michaelides


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