The Cyprus International Film Festival 2013

web 160 x350 VerticalΙn this edition of the Cyprus’ International Film Festival 80 short and feature independent film productions will be screened from 26 countries. The majority of the feature films will be hosted at CINE STUDIO and all short films at the UNESCO Amphitheatre of the University of Nicosia.
Upcoming filmmakers point out by filming in the spirit of love and creativity, based on the persistence, patience and the truth of youth. This year’s edition program is being unfolded: from Comedies section and the Short Films screenings, which are both introduced for the first time, to Official Competition Section (Golden Aphrodite) like the first greek epic fantasy film “Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable”, as well as the film premieres in Panorama Section.
Within the framework of this dynamic, two feature films are going to be the opening films of the festival. Among the premieres, “Dead Cat” is the first feature film of the Cypriot film director Stefan Georgiou, who participates also in the official category “Nostimon Imar” and as world premieres the comedy “Happy Hours”, the debut film of British Steve Sullivan and “Final Payoff” of the first shown Alexandros Leontarites. The festival concludes with the finalist film nominated for the European Award “Lux”, in cooperation with the European Parliament Office in Cyprus, the Belgian film “The Broken Circle Breakdown” by the acclaimed Felix Van Groeningen.
Among this year’s edition innovations, “CYIFF Rising Star” – a Tribute to an Exceptionally Talented Filmmaker, is dedicated to the Dutch talented filmmaker Rene Howen, who will present to the Cypriot audience his first two feature films “Foreigners” (2012) and “Heroin” (2013).
This year is the eighth year of the organization and we continue to promote both the Cypriot cinematography and Greek Cypriots directors who live abroad. «Nostimon Imar» will showcase also the Cypriot short films «Auftact» (2013) by Joanna Tsilides, «Cookies» (2013) by Andrea Sieitani and «Swinger» (2013) by Nicholas Papadimitriou.

The CYIFF has launched internationally: a) “Nostimon Imar”, a category of films with directors of Greek / Cypriot origin who live abroad, b) the “CYIFF Got Talent”, a category for filmmakers who compete with their first short films and c) the “CYPRESS Veteran’s Award”, the prize committee of which includes experienced journalists. The CYIFF gives moviegoers a chance to see films , most of which would not have the potentiality to be projected in Cyprus, apart from this festival.

The parallel program of the International Film Festival 2013 includes a Masterclass with the distinguished Greek Director of Photography Olympia Mytilineou («Strella», «Miss Violence»
etc) and a discussion panel with the jury members «European Contemporary Cinema: Strengths and Weaknesses».

The CINE@ART Festivals Network (Non Profit Cultural Company) is the main organizer of the Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF). The CYIFF is the first international film festival with a “competitive section”, in the categories of feature and short films , animation, video art, dance, music , dedicated exclusively to emerging independent filmmakers . The festival offers an opportunity for emerging filmmakers from around the world to present their work in front of a distinguished jury and compete for the “Golden Aphrodite” award. This year’s VIP jury consists of the Cypriot director Christos Georgiou, the Greek actor Thomas Kindinis, the Greek director of photography Mytilineou Olympia , the Indian producer Vivek Singhania and the German director Oliver Kyr.

This organization operates on an annual basis since 2006, and was inaugurated by the late Minister of Education and Culture Mr. Pefkios Georgiadis. The Cyprus International Film Festival is the largest artistic value cinematic event of the wider region, surpassing the geographical boundaries of Cyprus, emerging as an event with global impact and incoming applications for entries from 95 countries. The festival is supported by the University of Nicosia, the Friends of Cinema Society, the foreign embassies in Cyprus, the private sector and it is under the Auspices of the Nicosia Municipality.

Petra Terzi
CEO CINEART Festivals Network

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