Print June issue of “In Focus” out now!


POETRY: • Elena Toumazi-Rembelina • Andreana Ierodiakonou • Avgi Lilli  • Heinz-Uwe Haus
GALLERY: Showcase of the work of George Constantinou • “George Constantinou: Of Unknown Time, Art Exhibition and Book Presentation” by Hambis 
ESSAYS: • “Conquests of Cypriot Literature During the Period of the Independence” by Lefteris Papaleontiou
PROSE: • “Mice” by Despina Pirketti  • “A Chance Encounter” by Roula Ioannidou-Stavrou • “Queensboro Bridge” by Evridiki Pericleous Papadopoulou
TRAVELOGUE: • “Journey to the Sacred: Encounter with John of God, The Miracle Man of Brazil” by Irena Joannides
CHILDREN’S LITERATURE:  • “Monica” by Kika Pulcheriou 


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